Universal Music France launch

After a lot of time reading, rewriting, planning and more than everything coding, finally we got the new and betterh-than-ever Universal Music France launched. 21st July is the World Music Day, and that date has been selected to launch the website.

This version includes a new design, keeping in mind the V1 version (available for a few hours more at http://www.alloclips.com); includes a new search engine -now based in Exalead-, Facebook Login, includes news about the favorite UM’s artists and is much faster than the previous version.

As a member of the team who made this possible I’m very glad of working with such people. So many thanks to Sébastien Borget from Ipercast; Gastón Musante and Pablo and Juan Grandinetti from GotVertigo; who made a lot of efforts to achieve this goal.