Arrived to Montréal

I started to work for ManWin Canada in my first work experience in a foreign country. ManWin is a big enterprise which works with first-line websites such as, the Playboy of XXI century. As stated in my CV, I’m working (until now) with PHP, Zend Framework, PHPUnit, Phing and many other and common tools such as SVN, shell scripting and MySQL. Currently I’m mostly working in an internal tool which will be the official deploying tool. This page will allow the developers notify the QA (Quality Assurance) of new versions of each project, and they will be able to approve or disapprove the revision based on their tests. Once the application gets approved by QA, the tool can deploy it to Live servers and notify to the emails specified in the Project details. Of course many tasks are done while deploying: PHPUnit tests, syntax checking, and RSyncing are the most common.

So here’s the small welcome post in the ManWin blog which includes my name on it:

The complete and up-to-date projects and languages list whom I use is at my on-line CV.