New ‘tax’: Internet Explorer 7 customers will be charged extra, an australian retailer; has decided to “tax” their customers using Internet Explorer 7 or lower.

Ruslan Kogan, chief executive officer of, explained that they need to find a way to cover the extra cost of designing their pages to look properly in a very old browser.

Every month the tax will be increased 0.1%,because IE7 is one month older.

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“Anyone who is involved with the internet and web technology would know the amount of time that is wasted to support all these antiquated browsers,” Kogan said. “You have to make all these work-arounds all the time to make sure the site works properly on it.”


Windows’ cmd is disgusting

After many years working under Linux, and less than a month having a Mac as personal computer I’ve found myself in a Symfony2 training, using the Windows’ cmd program. During the final part of the training we were learning MongoDB, a non-relational database. To follow the examples we needed to make many copy/paste operations, specially with the documents’ IDs which in MongoDB are 48-bits keys, shown in 24 hexa characters.

Working with the cmd tool is technically impossible. Copy-paste operations are so hard to do that I decided to simply not follow the examples. I’m sincerely disgusted.

But I’m still happy, I know that once I’m out of this great training I’ll be back with my little black-on-white console, either at home or at the office.

BTW, thanks a lot to ManWin who paid the training about Symfony2, and to Hugo Hamon who made a great job during the training. We, programmers, tend to be very prouds and to refuse other people ideas, so training developers is not a simple task, and he made an excellent job with us.